Bible Memorization Aids
Memorizing Philippians Or Other Small Book of the Bible
By Rusty Lacy
Studying and pondering over a small book of the Bible like Philippians is a great way to learn God’s truth. However, we tend to forget much of it very quickly. Memorizing the Bible is a bit different. It implants God’s truths within us so that God can bring those truths to mind when needed. Saying it over and over again really engrains it within us and we ponder it over and over again Read More

Memorizing God’s Word
By Rusty Lacy
Memorizing? That sounds like work! And in some ways, it is. But we have been memorizing things all our lives. From learning the words “mommy” and “daddy”, to the ABC’s, the Pledge of Allegiance, multiplication tables, and so on in school. In fact, we have not stopped memorizing Read More



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