How to Get Involved in the Oilfield Christian Fellowship

Many times we are asked the question, "How do I get involved in the Oilfield Christian Fellowship? We love to get that question, and this one equally as good, "How can I help? However, there is not just a single easy answer to give. There are so many ways you can get involved in the Ministry of the Oilfield Christian Fellowship. This article gives you an idea of what we do and how you can help. While some of these answers may be specific to the Houston chapter, many of them are relevant at any of chapters.

First of all I preface these answers with the overarching thought that the depth of your involvement depends on the level you want to commit your time. With that said, we would love to have another Brother or Sister in Christ volunteering to help the organization. There is always work to do. Here is a list of things that we need help with.

  1. We need men and women of prayer who keep the OCF and its mission and leadership before the throne of God. We can do nothing on our own. We can accomplish all things through Christ. Click here to submit your prayer request.

  2. Get InvolvedWe need people to help distribute Bibles, both the Oil Patch Bibles in English, Spanish Chinese and Portuguese, and the many other international languages that we can supply to people going overseas. You can help with this by getting Bibles out to the rigs, platforms and offices. Or if you or one of your co-workers is traveling overseas, you or they can carry Bibles with them which the OCF can supply. Click here to view our store.

  3. We need help getting Oil Patch Bibles cheaply into Canada and other foreign countries. International Postage rates are extremely high. The OCF is looking for someone who can ship a large volume of Bibles to Canada and other countries. The OCF can mail them but mailing costs have escalated tremendously. We like to be good stewards of donations and piggy back with cargo going into foreign countries. If you know how the OCF can get Bibles to Africa, Bogota or Canada cheaply you would be a blessing.

  4. We welcome volunteers to join the core group to manage The Woodlands Chapter. Are you interested in that kind of involvement? If so contact us or let us know at the meeting.

  5. We need disciplers. Jesus told us to go make disciples. The time is right for some form of Bible study or discipleship program to be formed at offices around the world where men and women gather together under the banner of an OCF Bible study. We have been putting together materials. We could supply chaplains or teachers.

  6. If you are a writer we need contributors to the OCF newsletter.

  7. We need volunteers to help at the entry tables at the luncheons, ushers at the Prayer Breakfast, and workers at the many events that are held around the country.

  8. We need people willing to give their testimony at the luncheons.

  9. If you aren't already doing so, you can attend our monthly luncheons at Houston's First Baptist Church, and The Woodlands or if you are in another city make plans to attend the chapter meetings in Midland/Odessa, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Tyler, Texas, Covington, and Lafayette, Louisiana, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma, Denver and Grand Junction, Colorado, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or the chapter at Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada.

  10. We have Bible testimonies translated into Russian and Chinese. We have held off printing these Bibles as we are unsure how many to print and how to get them in country. If you have an inlet in any of these two countries you could help with this decision.

  11. We will have more College Leadership Forums. If you want to participate in visiting a campus or get a meeting organized at a college, you are more than welcome to get going and get it organized. If you are a college student reading this and would like someone to visit with you about helping organizing something on your campus contact us by Email.

Greg Garbe, (far right) former A&M student and now  part of Lighthouse Exploration, visits with A&M P.E. Students during pizza supper. 

  1. Our organization gets the funds to further the Bible Ministry, newsletters and the other things we do through tax deductible donations. Checks can be made out to the Oilfield Christian Fellowship or a secure credit card donation can be made here. Click here to make a donation.
  1. Start a chapter in your city or area. OCF President John Bird can help you with this if that is your calling.

John Bird can be reached by Email. Bible Ministry Chairman Mike Chaffin can be reached by Email. Or, click here to contact your local chapter President if you want to help in your city's chapter.

Many chapters already have outreach programs in place or are putting together their own Prayer Breakfasts at local Conference events, but if the chapter in your area doesn't have a mission, then maybe you're the person to volunteer to get something going. The Houston chapter leadership would be glad to help you get started.

We hope we haven't overwhelmed you but start thinking and praying about the many threads the OCF has out there plus a few the Lord may be leading us into. I pray God opens your heart and your time to do what He has called you to do. If the OCF is in His plans for you, don't hold back.



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